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The Carnivorous Wardrobe is seeking an Arthur Weasley for a pivotal role in the current war storylines breaking. Arthur is now a widower, Molly having been killed by Lucius Malfoy, and the Minister of Magic, having replaced Fudge in a recall last year. He is the only Weasley currently unplayed and with an active Ministry, we would love to have this character around.

We are located on LiveJournal, our site there being cw_kellystreet. To get a good picture of the overall story, please look at a friends' page.

Curious as to know what kind of game we are?

June Timeline
(June 1-7)

1: In the wake of Narcissa's death, a very drunk and remorseful George Weasley walks around Piccadilly Square granting Muggles "three wishes". Faith Diggory is the Obliviator assigned to clean it up.

1: Lucius and Rosmerta (the latter disguised as Bellatrix) conspire to trap Kingsley Shacklebolt at the 3 Broomsticks, drugging him with Veritaserum and questioning him about Narcissa's death. They discover that he does, in fact, know nothing; however, he is rescued from the situation by Ron before more can be learned.

1: In the aftermath of the Veritaserum, Kingsley runs into Faith. Discussion ensues, during which things get a bit more tense. He manages to leave quickly thereafter, avoiding many awkward questions.

1: Millicent confronts Snape about her rape by Bellatrix as she believes he had something to do with it being ordered. She discovers that he did not.

1: Ron guards Harry in Knockturn Alley under Firenze's orders.

1: Lucius and Bellatrix goes to the house of Colin and Dennis Creevey's parents and kill them brutally.

2: Kingsley and Penelope are among the Aurors investigating the murder, while Faith is one of the Obliviators there trying to play damage control with Muggle police forces. They end up bringing two of them back to the office for interrogation.

2: Colin and Dennis get an anonymous owl (sent by Lucius) containing wizard photographs of their parents' death.

2: Megan returns from her studies with the mysterious stranger.

2: A drunken George shows up at Pen and Fred's flat and is comforted by his twin, who eventually manages to clear him of that state.

2: Pansy and Ron meet and decide to live together after Hogwarts.

2: Draco meets Lucius in a Death Eater safehouse and the two discuss Narcissa's murder. Lucius tells Draco that he believes Potter did it and Draco decides that he must choose the Dark in order to obtain revenge.

2: Snape and Millicent pay a visit to Lucius, who informs Millicent that she is to make a marriage to Goyle for the Dark Lord. Following this visit, they go to Ollivander for further instruction.

2: Bill and Rosmerta talk at the 3 Broomsticks. He purchases Veritaserum, poisons and other potions from her.

2: Faith runs into Harry in Knockturn Alley. She takes pity on him and gives him her Portkey to the Ministry (her office, in particular). Harry goes inside and discovers a series of Prophecies, then removes one pertaining to himself. This theft has yet to be discovered or at least, made public knowledge (6-7).

3: Tonks and McGonagall meet in St. Petersburg where McGonagall reveals that she will not be returning to Hogwarts immediately as planned as she has other work to do for the Order.

3: Blaise and Colin discuss the future briefly. Blaise tells Colin that he is going to join the Aurors.

3: Terry and Luna have a relationship talk in which she tells him that they can have an open one.

3: Luna goes off to Hogsmeade and is trapped by Bellatrix at Jinglebotts Real Estate. Bellatrix knocks her silly and sets the place on fire. Elizabeth bursts in and starts getting the fire under control with the help of others, but it is too late for Luna as she's in a coma. Terry takes her back to the Hogwarts infirmary.

3: Harry's disappearance becomes known to his "guards". Terry and Firenze discuss the matter and things go further physically than expected.

3: Janus Dawlish and Faith Diggory interrogate Muggle policemen investigating the murder of the Creevey parents. They gather clues that point to Lestrange and Dawlish tries to avert the subject. Faith finally agrees to let him Oblivate the subjects, to give her a rest. Unbeknowest to her, he does so in such a way that it will eventually kill them and dumps them in an alley.

3: Kingsley and Penelope practice at the Auror shooting range where she takes the first of her tests towards graduation.

4: Goyle and Daphne make plans to blow up Diagon Alley for the Death Eaters.

4: Fred and Kingsley strike a deal where Weasley's Wizard Wheezes will make undercover spy gadgetry for the Aurors.

4: Hermione and Ron have a discussion. Ron tells Hermione that he's been accepted as a student in the Mediwizard program.

4: Dolores Umbridge and Faith have an altercation over Diggory's obtaining the files on Gilderoy Lockhart.

4: Ron and Bill see one another for the first time since Bill's return from his last overseas job.

4: Bill and Charlie also meet. Charlie makes an ironic crack about training dragons to kill people that Bill picks up on.

4 (?): Snape and Millicent discuss the Dark and the Light. They also discuss what will happen if the Dark Lord falls and the possibility of usurping that position.

4: Ron comes to Remus to discuss extra help with NEWTS approaching.

4: Kingsley tries to perk Faith up after her troubles with Umbridge. He notices the missing Portkey and slips a tracer in her knapsack after she refuses to take his watch.

5: Pen and Hannah discuss Hannah's feelings for Ron. Pen also mentions that herself and Percy are interested in doing something for the Order.

5: Remus runs into Rosmerta at the 3 Broomsticks. She contemplates the possibility of capturing him and "experimenting" but does not do so.

6: Hermione and George meet in the wand shop. He confides in her about his grief and guilt and the two set a date for the next evening.

6: Hannah agrees to work for Fred, watching the shop when Fred leaves.

7: Remus calls an emergency meeting of the Order in the wee hours of the morning.


We are a friendly, active game that loves new players. If you are interested, you can e-mail your application to cw_mods@yahoo.com, or alternately ping one of the mods on cujoowl or loyallife to apply via AIM.
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