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unloved_wizards's Journal

The Unloved Wizards Of Harry Potter
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A community for all of those Harry Potter fans who LOVE the UNLOVED wizards of Harry Potter!

What are unloved wizards?
Unloved wizards are any wizards as long as they aren't crazed over, such as Ron, Harry, and Hermione. People like Draco, Luscious, Lockhart, Black, are considered unloved wizards. If you like a wizard who is considered unloved, then this is the community for you!
What can I post about?
You can post about those wizards you love! Pictures are welcomed, but as long as they are of unloved wizards!
Unloved wizards? What about unloved witches?!
Witches are counted as well; you can post about them.

[favorite character]Gilderoy Lockhart
[maintainer]Lai [ladylai ]
[favorite character]Sirius Black